lunch at La Grace

lunch at La Grace
Orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo


Monday, June 7, 2010

What a joy!

Our group split today to visit different churches. One of our New City Fellowship pastors Tony Myles was invited to preach in one of these churches. The congregation had 2000 members at 3 services. He was a bit nervous but did an amazing job. Our Congolese friend Noel translated the sermon into French. The language is being resurrected from my brain and team members are starting to turn to me for translation now. Kind of scary! We were hosted by a woman and her friends for lunch in their backyard garden. We are being treated like kings so far. What an amazing buffet of traditional food. So far no grasshoppers on the menu. Their hospitality was a gift. I learned that they had no electricity for their preparations! Hard to imagine with the quantity of food and the size of our group. We gabbed for hours before realizing that we ran out of time to see the Bonobos. Boo! We spent the evening at Pastor Leon’s home. What a joyous time getting to know his relatives and grandchildren. It has been a high light of our trip so far to be inside a Congolese home, playing with children, learning to eat fufu at a table with Congolese women and sharing photos of my life with each of them. The grandchildren know all of your names kids! They especially enjoyed a video clip on my camera of our visit to the Scripps Aquarium in California from January. It featured a diver feeding a variety of fish in a huge tank! They screamed “Grand Poisson, Grand Poisson!” “Big Fish, Big Fish!”

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Ritchies 4 Orphans - said...

Olivia wants to know if lunch and dinner were good? what was your favorite food? We are waiting for Maddie and then off to Petco for crickets and then bowling. Love to you all.