lunch at La Grace

lunch at La Grace
Orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo


Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 4 En Route

We departed on time today, Yippee! International flights require that you arrive 2 hours early. What fun! We enjoyed several interesting conversations while we waited to board. Our first was with a French-speaking nun and her English-speaking companion heading to Burundi to serve in a women’s clinic. We have an open invitation to visit them in the future! “Please come, and bring your friends!” We met a couple returning to continue their work in southern Sudan to help the Sudanese with agriculture, education and other health related self-help initiatives. They were intrigues with our mission and we shared resources as well. We are now seated next to a Kenyan woman studying economics at George Mason University so that she can return to her community in Nairobi upon graduation and initiate change. Right now we are 2191 miles from Rome, which appears to be about half-way over the Atlantic Ocean. We have been flying for 5 hours so far. We stop in Rome to refuel, then head out on a 5 hour flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From there we will take 2 more flights (another 4 hours) stopping in Brazzaville before crossing the Congo River and arriving in Kinshasa! Ethiopian airlines has been great so far. A 3 year old Ethiopian boy is sitting in front of us and we are playing games with him through the crack in the seats. What a cute laugh and beautifully perfect smile. I am starting to realize how white I really am! KR

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