lunch at La Grace

lunch at La Grace
Orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lots of work to be done

We are staying in a pretty rural part of the "county" outside of Cuzco. It is a village of about 25 people. Some folks speak Spanish but many only Quechua. The kids love the freedom to run around and all of the animals nearby. Poop everywhere. Olivia has adopted a dog and diligently feeds and cares for it. Sayer loves the 1 day old lamb we pass everyday to eat. It is so tiny! A family picked up a puppy in the road and Stephen has named him Samson and is trying to convince us to take it back to the States. Maddie of course likes all of the guinea pigs. There are 25 on the floor of the outdoor kitchen just a few steps from our house. Skip "El Capentario" has become the official caperter in the village and is making kitchen cabinets. I am sewing curtains and banners. I finished my lesson plans for my grad class finally! All is good. We are working hard and are enjoying our service here. More later. Skip will upload photos later today. Keary

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